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Olympic crazyness in London

Posted on July 27 2012 by Stefanie

Today is the day – today, July 27th, marks the beginning of the Summer Olympics 2012 in the most exciting city in Europe: London! But let’s go back in time and follow the journey of the British capitol to become the center of attention for the next couple of weeks. The application process begins with […]

Midsummer only in Sweden… or is it overhyped?

Posted on April 6 2010 by Kevin

We recently covered the best place to be for St. Patrick’s Day. In this post we try to shed some light on Midsummer (or midsommar in Swedish), what it is, why it is celebrated and where to go. Midsummer is always on a weekend between the 19th of June and the 26th of June. Midsummer’s […]

Where to go for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 17 2010 by Kevin

This is the first post we are doing in a completely new category we are calling highlights. What is the best place to spend New Year’s, where do you go for Christmas if you aren’t the stay-at-home-with-the-folks type of person and simply where to go on August 27. So on to where to go today!! […]