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It’s All About Society

Posted on August 11 2010 by admin

There are a lot of societies out there. Some of them for rich people, some of them for poor people. Some societies are for expats and some are for people who like wearing crocs (even though I have no idea why someone in their right mind would willingly use crocs, but there you have it). […]

Let’s study in London

Posted on June 25 2010 by Jennie

One of the popular destinations for studying abroad among the Japanese is London. The statistics of the Japan Student Services Organization show that Britain is the second most popular destination. After my internship in the USA, I decided to study in London for a short period of time. At first I was a bit out […]

Great Language Resources

Posted on February 14 2010 by Kevin

When I travel I find the need to use all types of language resources. Anything from Google Translate to phrasebooks are things I use to help me get past the language barrier. Here are some links that I have found to be useful: Alldictionaries