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Road trips are fun! …but plan ahead.

Posted on March 18 2010 by Tara

One great way of getting around is with a car. Personalized motorized transport has got to be one of the greatest freedoms. A lot of people will say that backpacking is the best way to enjoy a country or territory. Enter the alternative of a road trip! There are lots of cheap car rental services […]

Mashed Potatoes Are Illegal Carry-on Items

Posted on November 25 2009 by Kevin

Where the line gets drawn between a solid and a liquid has always been a slightly slippery slope. Not as slippery as the AppStore approval system, but still the TSA aren’t really doing a fantastic job. XKCD puts it rather well in regard to what you should and should not be allowed to take on […]

Registration with Embassies

Posted on November 16 2009 by Tara

Registration at the an Embassy or a Consulate (in the country you are visiting) makes your presence and whereabouts known. This is important in case it is necessary for your government representatives to contact you in the event of an emergency. During a disaster overseas, government officials will often assist in the evacuation of their […]