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Tomorrow is national passport day!!

Posted on March 26 2010 by Tara

Tomorrow (March 27, 2010) is National Passport Day in the United States of America. On this day you can apply for a passport without an appointment or expedite fees. A lot of blogs are covering this, and with good reason to. If you don’t have a passport, you can’t really travel anywhere. Not even Canada. […]

Shopping around for a cheap flight pays off

Posted on February 17 2010 by Kevin

There is more than one way to get from A to B… and it’s not always you get “A fair fare, from here to there.” Usually you can book a flight with one airline and get it cheaper than with another, even if you are booking the same flight. A friend of mine recently had […]

The loss of a passport

Posted on January 21 2010 by Kevin

…and everything else!
It happened to a friend of mine… She is actually pretty street-wise most of the time. This time however, it seemed she was destined for a good size helping of bad luck. Her purse was snatched right out of her lap in broad daylight.

Before You Travel this Holiday Season

Posted on November 17 2009 by Kevin

A lot of people are waiting until the very last minute to book their trips this year – so if you book early you may be able to get a really good deal. Some airlines have extended their special offers on cheap seats through the end of November, but don’t wait.