Where to go for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 17 2010 by Kevin

This is the first post we are doing in a completely new category we are calling highlights. What is the best place to spend New Year’s, where do you go for Christmas if you aren’t the stay-at-home-with-the-folks type of person and simply where to go on August 27.

So on to where to go today!!

St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s day. A day famous for green beer, parades and acting like you don’t have a care in world Irish. For those of you who don’t know why St. Patrick’s Day is significant head over to Wikipedia and check it out.

I have tried to find the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, as I am a big fan. Most people might have thought that Dublin would have been the place to be. I have another theory, and I know that a lot of Irish people agree with me on this; and that is Boston. Even though a lot of other “Top Places Lists” tend not to agree with me on this.

So, what is there to do in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day… except drink lots, and lots, of green beer.

There is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is kind of a big deal.

You could also check out some historical stuff in Boston and learn about Evacuation Day.

Before you go, check out what’s open so that you don’t miss out!

Oh, and happy St. Patrick’s Day