Women more likely to study abroad

Posted on November 24 2009 by Tara

womenabroad-veni-markovskiStatistics show that women study abroad in much higher numbers than men – and a new study may explain why.

Researchers at the University of Iowa have found that the gender gap is a result of the ways men and women are differently influenced by their surroundings. However, even if this holds true at Penn, the gender gap may have different causes elsewhere.

Women are primarily influenced by their parents and professors in their intentions to study abroad. Experiences and social environments, on the other hand, seem to influence men.

Women who interact highly with their peers were not likely to be affected by that interaction. Men would be influenced to a much higher degree by their social interactions.

These findings could help explain why women are so highly represented among students traveling abroad.

The most recent report for 2008-2009, published by the Institute of International Education, found that 65.1 percent of students abroad were women and men accounted for only 34.9 percent.

image credit: veni markovski, flickr