Is A Ferry Better Than A Plane?

Posted on March 17 2010 by Kevin

When planning a trip, you need to settle on how you want to get to where you are going. Most of the time I end up taking a plane. First reason for that is that I am a very frequent flyer – so I am comfortable on a plane and in airports. Also, I have had the advantage of learning some of the tricks of the trade, which gives me a bit of a head start. I’ll be the first to admit that I am hopeless at train stations. I tend to treat a train station the same as I treat an airport – which is a really big mistake.

I am also not a big fan of taking a ferry – for a lot of reasons. A ferry is slow, people get seasick and there is nothing to do. Well, none of that is true. Just my opinions. You can imagine my interest in a post I came across stating that a ferry is superior to taking a plane.

The article took up some great points. For a lot of people, traveling is not only visiting somewhere, it’s also about getting there. A ferry does have a lot more space than a plane, the food is probably a lot better and there might even be a swimming pool or a movie theater.

Where a ferry does not match up to a plane though is speed and (barring a landing on the Hudson) a plane will get you where you are going a lot faster.

Changing perspective and looking at a cruise ship it’s a whole different story. Kreuzfahrten or cruise trips offer a great balance between enjoying going somewhere and being there. There are many famous ships such as the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth but also more modern cruise ships such as those servicing the Aida Kreuzfahrten.