Shopping around for a cheap flight pays off

Posted on February 17 2010 by Kevin

wilbur-copyright-disneyThere is more than one way to get from A to B… and it’s not always you get “A fair fare, from here to there.” Usually you can book a flight with one airline and get it cheaper than with another, even if you are booking the same flight.

A friend of mine recently had this experience booking a flight from Switzerland to Germany. He is currently studying in St. Gallen and wanted to check out the sights in the German capital Berlin.

He first checked with Lufthansa and was shocked at the price of €460 to get to his destination. After snooping around for a bit he decided to check with the local airline, Swiss. He found the exact same flight (with the same flight number) for less than half the price!

There are lots of great websites and blog posts and useful tips on cheap flights. Checking what the different airlines are charging for the same flight can really pay off, as it did for my friend.