Get an international student card

Posted on November 16 2009 by Kevin

high-fiveOne of the most important things to do, prior to heading out on a semester abroad is to make sure you get your hands on a student identity card. If you are a student enrolled at a school you automatically qualify for a student identity card. In some cases the international office at your school will help you with the details. If your school does not have an international office, then there are plenty of other ways to get an international student identity card.

A lot of student travel agencies will issue student identification, which is accepted worldwide. Usually a student ID will cost around $10-$30 (US dollars) to issue. When heading abroad the costs quickly catch up, but bearing in mind that having a student identity card can save up to 50% on local, regional and national as well as international travel a student ID is well invested money. Students are often offered great prices not only on travel, but visiting museums, theaters and cinemas and making sure to have gotten the student card before your trip is definitely worth it.

Trying to get a student identification card issued once you have left your country of residence can be a bit of a nuisance at best and prove to be almost impossible at worst.

Find out how you can get your International Student Identity Card and save money!

image credit: StickBus, flickr